Keratoconus is a disorder that occurs when the normally circular cornea (the front part of the eye) becomes thin and irregularly (cone) shaped. This irregular shape prevents the light entering the eye from being focused correctly on the retina and causes blurred vision. Most keratoconus patients are managed by using some type of specialty lenses to improve their vision. At EyePlace, we offer complete options for keratoconus management. We use soft, rigid, hybrid, or even a combination of lenses to meet each patient’s needs. Today’s Keratoconic contact lenses are much more advanced and comfortable than ever, providing a more comfortable experience. Upon consultation with Dr. Youn, we will present you with the best options for your eyes.

If you have optical insurance, your keratoconic contact lens fitting expense can be covered by your insurance. Please bring your insurance at the time of consultation with Dr. Youn.