Eyeglass Repair in Hurry

Broken eyeglasses can be big deal for some people. We provide repairs onsite for most minor problems. We provide repairs for no to minimal cost for most of cases. You can text pictures of your eyeglases to 248-332-0200 see what is involved in repair even before you take a trip to our office.

Most Glasses Can Be Made in Same Day

fashionWe have expanded our stock selection of lens types and coatings. We can now make most single vision eye glasses in the same day. Even if you have a high prescription, we can make them in thin and light, and high index lenses while you wait. Some frame-less drill mount eyeglasses can take more time,  but  can still be made within a day.

If you need glasses in hurry and still  want quality lenses with quality work:

Please call us at (248) 332-0200.