New Way to Reach EyePlace

Our new phone system is tele-medicine ready. You can still talk to a person by dialing the our main number( 248-332-0200) but you can send text messages to the same number with images and files. If you have simple questions try our new phone system by sending your questions with images. Depends on the urgency, you might get the answers even after ours.

New to EyePlace State Optical and Kawasaki Eyewear

We just added State Optical and Kawasaki eyewear to our collections. State Optical frames are hand made in Chicago USA . If you are looking for a eyeglasses that is original yet add sophistication to your look , please try State Optical collections.

Kazuo Kawasaki eyewears are designed for the minimalists in mind. It is simple but elegant and clean but resilient. Kazuo Kawasaki frames are must tries for the Rimless enthusiast.

Zeiss Cirrus HD OCT Retinal Scan Available at EyePlace

scan_analysisWe made a high resolution retina scan down to cellular level available to Any Patients. Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT (spectral domain retinal tomography) is the way to early-detect and monitor glaucoma, macular degenerations, diabetic eye diseases, medication induced retinal changes and subtle changes of vision. With this technology, we do not need to wait until diseases affect vision or eyes negatively to diagnose. Prominent studies suggest early changes of multiple sclerosis and even Alzheimer’s can be seen with retinal ganglion cell analysis with Zeiss Cirrus HD OCT Ganglion Cell Analysis. Please ask us more for this service when you schedule an appointment.

Eyeglasses with 2 Year Scratch Warranty are Here*!

Crizal AvanceWe carry Crizal family of lenses with no cost 2 year scratch warranty for all ages and prescriptions. In case, if your Crizal Lens gets scratches and need to be replaced, you just need to pay for shipping and some mounting charges. It you are tough on the glasses or do not like annoying scratches on your glasses please ask us about Crizal Lenses with 2 year scratch warranty. Crizal lenses can be made in Transitions, Thin & Light lenses and with most kinds of lens options to customize your need.

Transitions Vantage Variable polarized lenses are Here at EyePlace

The wait is over for variable polarized lenses. The polarized lenses are the best way to cut down on the glare we face in our lives. In fact, only polarized lenses can block the light that causes glare. But all polarized lenses are fixed tinted lenses which are only suitable for use as sunglasses- until now. Transitions Optical just released variable polarization lenses, Transitions Vantage Lenses. These lenses are available in both single vision and progressive lenses.

The Most Advanced Varilux S 4D lenses are Here

We are proud to announce our newest addition of lenses:   Varilux S 4D Lenses.   They are the most advanced, customized and natural feeling lens available on the market today. The Eye Place is one of the lucky select few offices that can provide the Varilux S 4D lenses.

If you have had problems with progressive lenses in the past, please come in and experience the new cutting edge technology of progressive lenses.