Fighting against Myopia

Since we provide myopia control / prevention services in 2004, we saw gradual increase of effective tools for the fight. Myopia progression measuring tools became more accurate and objective , such as biometry ( measurement of eye ball length.. LensStar, IOL Master ), topography (measurement of eye shape.. OPD Scan, Pentacam..). More management tools are in our disposal such as Ortho-K lenses ( CRT, Moonlens, Dream lens and GOV, softOK) , Soft multifocal lenses ( Mysight, Multifocal Lenses) and atropine eye drops. These tools can be optimized for each patient’s needs and conditions. But still none of above method has 100% efficacy. However, combining multiple strategies can produce much better results. If you are interested learning more about, make an appointment with Dr. Youn to find out what might be the best strategy for your case.

Full Service Cartier Eyewear Dealer


We sell and service full line of Cartier Eyewear. As a authorized dealer, we stand by authenticity and quality of eyewear we sell. We repair Cartier eyewear with authentic Cartier parts only. Bring your Cartier eyewear for repair and customizations. Most of repairs done within a day or two. You can also send your Cartier picture to 248-332-0200 for inspection.

All Level Keratoconus Contact Lens Services


Keratoconus is thinning of cornea needing special contact lenses to improve vision. If you reached our website, you already know your vision with eyeglasses or even some special contact lenses did not satisfy your vision and comfort needs. We offer full range of keratoconus specific contact lenses to accommodate your needs and your conditions.

Please text or call our office to set up your appointments with Dr. Youn today. We accepts almost all optical insurances to claim medically necessary contact lens benefits.

We are the Top Cartier Eyewear Specialist

We carry huge selection of Cartier Sun & Eyeglasses.  We can help you to find right Cartier Eyewear to look perfect on you.  Our in house Cartier specialist with 15 years  of Cartier knowledge can help you to resize, reshape and personalize your way. Cartier frames are unique and they need special ways to adjust and customize. Careless common way of frame care, adjustments and mounting can cause more harm than good. We  pamper  your Cartier just like you do. We also do all Cartier repairs and upgrades.

Do you need Glasses in Hurry?

If you are busy and can not wait for your glasses to be made, we can help you to get them made in hurry. We can make most prescription eye glasses in a day.

  • We stock most prescription eye glass lenses.
  • We stock most prescription eye glass lenses with the Anti-Reflective coating (AR) option.
  • We have an optical lab on site, offering our patient’s fast and friendly service.

Please call us at (248) 332-0200 for more information on your prescription and eyeglass needs.

Urgent Medical and Optical Eye Care

Eye infections, red aching eyes, foreign bodies in the eye and certain other eye conditions can not wait until the next available appointment. We welcome urgent eye appointments any time. If you need to see our doctor after hours, please Text or call us at (248) 332-0200.  If you call , please leave a message including your name and phone number.  We will return the call as soon as possible.

Is it possible to prevent progession of Myopia?

The age of a person needing glasses seems to be getting younger than ever. It is common to see a 6 to 7 year old child wearing eye glasses these days. An alarming rate of school aged children are wearing glasses and the rate is continuing to climb. The explosion of  the myopic rate in school aged children corresponds well with our cultural changes ..(ie use of cell phones, i-pods, laptops and hand held gaming devices.)

There have been some preventitive measures taken, but most have proven to not be very effective against myopic change until the year 2000.  This was the introduction of a new corneal molding technique that really revolutionized to stop or slow down myopia from progressing. This is done by the use of a rigid gas permeable contact lens that is warn while the patient sleeps.  The lens are made from an overnight contact lens material designed specifically for this purposes.

If you or someone you love suffers from Myopia, call our office today at (248)332-0200.