Eyeglass Repair in Hurry

Broken eyeglasses can be big deal for some people. We provide repairs onsite for most minor problems. We provide repairs for no to minimal cost for most of cases. You can text pictures of your eyeglases to 248-332-0200 see what is involved in repair even before you take a trip to our office.

How eyes are changed when myopia progresses

When eyes are worse in myopia, the length of eye ball grows longer as of squash on vine. Physically growing longer makes impossible to reverse changes in my opinion.

Myopia is commonly measured in terms of prescription strength in diopters for optical corrections. Recently, axial length of eyeball measurement (biometry) is used to verify objectively changes in elongation of eyeballs.

Most common question about myopia is if it can be fixed with laser surgery such as LASIK. Any refractive surgery -like LASIK – can only replace optical corrections such as eyeglasses and contact lenses. Elongated eyeball will stay elongated because any optical corrections which includes all refractive surgeries and implants will not reduce elongation.

Second common question is any exercise can be done to reverse myopia /elongation. I am not aware of any studies indicating efficacy of any exercise to reverse elongation.

Because of irreversible nature of changes, we recommend our patients to recheck in 3 months to catch early rather than late to intervene axial length changes.

What are the Options for Keratoconus

The options for keratoconus is based on stage of its condition. Most keratoconus cases are progressive in nature. In my opinion, UV cross linking should be considered to improve structural rigidity of weak cornea in nearly all cases. The main goal of keratocouns management is to avoid or delay transplant surgery while achieving reasonably comfortable functional vision. We recommend our patients to take following steps.

Step1: Get comprehensive general eye exam to confirm stage of condition including initial topography of cornea and current optical correction. General vision insurance eye exam coverage may be applied.

Step 2: Get a consultation from corneal specialist to discuss UV cross linking and other treatment options. Medical insurance coverage may be applied to cover consultation and treatments.

Step 3 : Get contact lens consultation from contact lenses specialist. Here is our grading of contact lenses / Optical options ;

Most VISION insurance companies allow medically necessary contact lens ( nearly all of keratoconic contact lens options are medically necessary in nature) coverage with /without copays. We provide comprehensive and keratoconus contact lens consultations with full range of contact lenses. Please call or text 248-332-0200 for more information.

Visual hygiene to fight against myopia

Visual Hygiene is big word for what we know about what to do when working close distances. If hyperopic defocus (another big for blurry image when seeing things at closer distance) is main driver of myopic progression, ways to minimize formation of hyperopic defocus is main focus of visual hygiene,

  1. Further the distance better for the eyes. Larger screen, larger fonts can help to increase working distance.
  2. Bright light Vs dim light condition, In the dark, we tend to hold things closer to the eyes to see them. Have good level of lighting and may not want to read in the dark too long.
  3. Spending too many hours without break may result poor visual hygiene. We recommend taking 20 second break every 20 minutes of work by looking away from screen or books. Seeing things at the far distance can make your focusing muscles to relax and stretch.

In Short, turn on the light , don’t get too close and take frequent break.

EyePlace Recommended Solutions for RGP, Ortho-K(CRT), Scleral Contact Lenses

Our top recommendation for CRT / Ortho-K Lenses : We recommend everyone to start with Unique Ph alone. If you like to have more cleaning power, you can combine Alcon Clear Care system with Unique Ph. If Unique Ph brand solution is not available, Boston Simplus can be used instead. Periodic use of Menicon Progent cleaner can remove stubborn protein buildups.

Our recommendation for Scleral Lenses : Alcon Clear Care to clean and store lenses then fill the lenses with Menicon Lacripure before inserting to eyes. Use of common soft contact lens “saline” solution to fill the lenses can cause lens irritation and lens intolerances issues. Blink Clear brand rewetting drops can be used to clear the blurry films while wearing lenses. Menicon progent cleaner can be added to maintain clarity of lenses.

Unisol 4 replacement
Preservative free contact lens solution

For Hybrid lenses ( Synergeyes brand lenses) we recommend Alcon clear care to clean.

Fighting against Myopia

Since we provide myopia control / prevention services in 2004, we saw gradual increase of effective tools for the fight. Myopia progression measuring tools became more accurate and objective , such as biometry ( measurement of eye ball length.. LensStar, IOL Master ), topography (measurement of eye shape.. OPD Scan, Pentacam..). More management tools are in our disposal such as Ortho-K lenses ( CRT, Moonlens, Dream lens and GOV, softOK) , Soft multifocal lenses ( Mysight, Multifocal Lenses) and atropine eye drops. These tools can be optimized for each patient’s needs and conditions. But still none of above method has 100% efficacy. However, combining multiple strategies can produce much better results. If you are interested learning more about, make an appointment with Dr. Youn to find out what might be the best strategy for your case.

Full Service Cartier Eyewear Dealer


We sell and service full line of Cartier Eyewear. As a authorized dealer, we stand by authenticity and quality of eyewear we sell. We repair Cartier eyewear with authentic Cartier parts only. Bring your Cartier eyewear for repair and customizations. Most of repairs done within a day or two. You can also send your Cartier picture to 248-332-0200 for inspection.

All Level Keratoconus Contact Lens Services


Keratoconus is thinning of cornea needing special contact lenses to improve vision. If you reached our website, you already know your vision with eyeglasses or even some special contact lenses did not satisfy your vision and comfort needs. We offer full range of keratoconus specific contact lenses to accommodate your needs and your conditions.

Please text or call our office to set up your appointments with Dr. Youn today. We accepts almost all optical insurances to claim medically necessary contact lens benefits.

Customizing Your Cartier Eye Wear

Most Cartier eye wears are customizable to meet owners desire. There are three types of Cartier eye wears are available:

  1. Rimed eye wear : – these eye wears hold lenses by wrapping edges of lenses by metal wire or composite materials. These eyewear shape can not be changed
  2. Semi- Rimless :- as the name indicates, frame material covers edge of lenses only half way or so. These eyewear may allow some shape changes.
  3. Rimless or frameless eyewear: almost fully customizable in these category of frames.

Tint, coatings, transitions, polarization, and thin lens materials etc.. are available to all types of eyewear. We can also repair or replace parts of your Cartier eyewear to enhance your wearing experiences. Text your frame picture to 248-332-0200 for better information.

New Way to Reach EyePlace

Our new phone system is tele-medicine ready. You can still talk to a person by dialing the our main number( 248-332-0200) but you can send text messages to the same number with images and files. If you have simple questions try our new phone system by sending your questions with images. Depends on the urgency, you might get the answers even after ours.