What are the Options for Keratoconus

The options for keratoconus is based on stage of its condition. Most keratoconus cases are progressive in nature. In my opinion, UV cross linking should be considered to improve structural rigidity of weak cornea in nearly all cases. The main goal of keratocouns management is to avoid or delay transplant surgery while achieving reasonably comfortable functional vision. We recommend our patients to take following steps.

Step1: Get comprehensive general eye exam to confirm stage of condition including initial topography of cornea and current optical correction. General vision insurance eye exam coverage may be applied.

Step 2: Get a consultation from corneal specialist to discuss UV cross linking and other treatment options. Medical insurance coverage may be applied to cover consultation and treatments.

Step 3 : Get contact lens consultation from contact lenses specialist. Here is our grading of contact lenses / Optical options ;

Most VISION insurance companies allow medically necessary contact lens ( nearly all of keratoconic contact lens options are medically necessary in nature) coverage with /without copays. We provide comprehensive and keratoconus contact lens consultations with full range of contact lenses. Please call or text 248-332-0200 for more information.

EyePlace Recommended Solutions for RGP, Ortho-K(CRT), Scleral Contact Lenses

Our top recommendation for CRT / Ortho-K Lenses : We recommend everyone to start with Unique Ph alone. If you like to have more cleaning power, you can combine Alcon Clear Care system with Unique Ph. If Unique Ph brand solution is not available, Boston Simplus can be used instead. Periodic use of Menicon Progent cleaner can remove stubborn protein buildups.

Our recommendation for Scleral Lenses : Alcon Clear Care to clean and store lenses then fill the lenses with Menicon Lacripure before inserting to eyes. Use of common soft contact lens “saline” solution to fill the lenses can cause lens irritation and lens intolerances issues. Blink Clear brand rewetting drops can be used to clear the blurry films while wearing lenses. Menicon progent cleaner can be added to maintain clarity of lenses.

Unisol 4 replacement
Preservative free contact lens solution

For Hybrid lenses ( Synergeyes brand lenses) we recommend Alcon clear care to clean.

All Level Keratoconus Contact Lens Services


Keratoconus is thinning of cornea needing special contact lenses to improve vision. If you reached our website, you already know your vision with eyeglasses or even some special contact lenses did not satisfy your vision and comfort needs. We offer full range of keratoconus specific contact lenses to accommodate your needs and your conditions.

Please text or call our office to set up your appointments with Dr. Youn today. We accepts almost all optical insurances to claim medically necessary contact lens benefits.

Are There Comfortable Keratoconus Lenses ??

“ I can’t wait to take the lenses out of my eyes as soon as I get home” or “ My eye hurts when I take the lenses out. ” are the common complaints we hear from the current keratoconus patients. Good fitting keratoconus lenses can be reasonably comfortable while providing vision we needed.

I am sure you heard of ” we are trading in comfort for the vision.” That is still somewhat true but not as much as before thanks to newer types of lenses. For example, Kerasoft lenses are as comfortable as common weekly disposable soft contact lenses but as clear as small hard lenses ( RGP). We are big fan of using Kerasoft lenses for mild to moderate conditions. Even many advanced keratoconus can be fitted successfully with large diameter RGP scleral lenses to improve comfort and vision. The hybrid lenses ( RGP centered soft lenses) such as Synergeyes Lenses can be very comfortable long term solution when fitted correctly with proper movement of lenses with each blinking of eyes. Even small diameter RGP lenses can be reasonably comfortable if it rests on broader area of cornea with good centration.

We have been diligently expanding our portfolio of keratoconus contact lens offerings. We fit our patients with brand names like, Kerasoft, Normal eyes Scleral lenses, Synergeyes, Rose -K and custom RGP lenses and soft/ hard (RGP) piggy back lenses.

Unisol 4 Replacements, Preservative Free Saline Alternatives for Kearatoconus Patients.

Great Replacement Salines for Unisol 4 Users!

The preservative free Unisol 4 was great saline solution for dry eyes and keratoconus patients. The preservatives that keeps most bottled solution from contamination are known irritants for people with dry eyes and keratoconus. Ever since Unisol  4  stopped production, we have been looking for replacement that performs as good as  Unisol 4.

Unisol 4 replacement
LacriPure, Preservative free contact lens solution

Menicon America, one of major player in rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lens manufacturer and maker of Unique Ph RGP solutions introduced Lacripure preservative free single dose packs.

FDA Approved Unisol 4 replacements

Unisol 4 was great non preserved saline solution to rinse and fill the contact lenses before insertion into eyes. Purilens solution was first product to fill the void but it was hard to get more information on product and manufacturer. Lacripure saline solution was introduced by Menicon America soon after. Because we are big fan of Unique PH RGP solution and Progent protein deposit remover, we are biased toward to Lacripure Salines.

How Lacripure and Purilens are Packaged?

Purilens comes in 4 pack 4 oz bottles ( 16 oz) and Lacripure comes in 98 pack of 0.17oz unit-dose(16.6oz).  Once it is opened, Purilens bottle expires in 15 days. Any multi dose bottles have contamination risk and need special care to keep the tips of bottles from touching any objects.  Lacripure is 0.17oz unit dose  vile ( use once and discard) and has close to no contamination risk.   Most of large diameter keratoconus lens  and Prosthesis user are strongly recommend unit dose package to reduce risk of infection.

Where Can You Buy Lacripure or Purilens?

Menicon sells their product directly from their web site. Before you knocking on Menicon website you need a code < 004 682 C > to access their consumer site. Purilens are sold on their web site as well.

Comfortable Keratoconus Contact Lenses -Is it Possible?

Can I Get Fitted for Comfortable Keratoconus Contact Lenses??

Keratoconus requires some form of hard(rigid) contact lenses to improve vision beyond what a pair of eyeglasses can provide.  The most frequent  complaints of keratoconus patients are ”  lenses are uncomfortable and hard to wear long enough hours to cover a typical day”.  All the keratoconic contact lenses – custom soft, RGP ( Rose K etc.), hybrid , scleral- have inherent comfort level characteristics but all can be reasonably comfortable if it is matched correctly.

What kind of Contact Lens Options are available?

Except eyeglasses and general soft contact lenses, there are more than few options are available for keratoconus. Custom made keratoconus soft lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable(RGP, ie Rose-K..)  lenses, Hybrid ( Synergeyes.. etc.) lenses, custom soft contact lenses ( Kerasoft..etc)  and Scleral ( Normal Eyes..  etc) are major groups of lenses that are commonly used for keratoconus fitting.

What are the differences of the lenses?

Here are my takes on the lenses;
1) Soft Lenses for Keratoconus :- very comfortable, fairly clear vision, great for early to moderate cases.
2) RGP lenses for Keratoconus( Rose K etc..): Very clear vision, not too comfortable, easy to use, great for most cases.
3) Hybrid lenses( Synergeye..etc) : Good clear Vision, Comfortable, somewhat difficult to use.
4) Scleral lenses( Normal Eyes, Rose K XL..etc): Good clear vision, great for advanced cases, relatively comfortable, somewhat difficult to use.

Which lens is the best for me?

There are no one lens that is the best for the every cases. The type of lenses should be  determined by condition of cornea and desired comfort level and easy of use. You should have a discussion with a contact lens specialist about your condition and pros and cons of your options. In our practice, we have many happy patients with different lens types. Some lenses may require more work than others to achieve desired comfort level and vision.




Synergeyes Keratoconus Lenses

SynergEyes_logoSynergeyes lenses are made of two different lens materials. They offer clear vision similar to that of the hard gas permeable lenses (RGP) but are as comfortable as the soft contact lenses.

If you are looking for a more comfortable keratoconus lense ask Dr. Youn about Synergeyes Keratoconus contact lenses.   Dr. Youn has been working with Synergeye Keratoconus lenses and has had great success with many former hard lense patients.

Contact our office today for more information at (248) 332-0200.



Keratoconus is a disorder that occurs when the normally circular cornea (the front part of the eye) becomes thin and irregularly (cone) shaped. This irregular shape prevents the light entering the eye from being focused correctly on the retina and causes blurred vision. Most keratoconus patients are managed by using some type of specialty lenses to improve their vision. At EyePlace, we offer complete options for keratoconus management. We use soft, rigid, hybrid, or even a combination of lenses to meet each patient’s needs. Today’s Keratoconic contact lenses are much more advanced and comfortable than ever, providing a more comfortable experience. Upon consultation with Dr. Youn, we will present you with the best options for your eyes.

If you have optical insurance, your keratoconic contact lens fitting expense can be covered by your insurance. Please bring your insurance at the time of consultation with Dr. Youn.