Full Service Cartier Eyewear Dealer


We sell and service full line of Cartier Eyewear. As a authorized dealer, we stand by authenticity and quality of eyewear we sell. We repair Cartier eyewear with authentic Cartier parts only. Bring your Cartier eyewear for repair and customizations. Most of repairs done within a day or two. You can also send your Cartier picture to 248-332-0200 for inspection.

Customizing Your Cartier Eye Wear

Most Cartier eye wears are customizable to meet owners desire. There are three types of Cartier eye wears are available:

  1. Rimed eye wear : – these eye wears hold lenses by wrapping edges of lenses by metal wire or composite materials. These eyewear shape can not be changed
  2. Semi- Rimless :- as the name indicates, frame material covers edge of lenses only half way or so. These eyewear may allow some shape changes.
  3. Rimless or frameless eyewear: almost fully customizable in these category of frames.

Tint, coatings, transitions, polarization, and thin lens materials etc.. are available to all types of eyewear. We can also repair or replace parts of your Cartier eyewear to enhance your wearing experiences. Text your frame picture to 248-332-0200 for better information.

We are the Top Cartier Eyewear Specialist

We carry huge selection of Cartier Sun & Eyeglasses.  We can help you to find right Cartier Eyewear to look perfect on you.  Our in house Cartier specialist with 15 years  of Cartier knowledge can help you to resize, reshape and personalize your way. Cartier frames are unique and they need special ways to adjust and customize. Careless common way of frame care, adjustments and mounting can cause more harm than good. We  pamper  your Cartier just like you do. We also do all Cartier repairs and upgrades.

Cartier Eye Wear

We are a proud dealer of Cartier Eye Wears. All of our Cartier optical frames are authentic and CartierLadyTallcarry the Cartier factory warranties.
Are you looking for special eyewear to reflect your sophistication? Cartier; the most prestigious brand on the market is a great way to express your class. You can choose from a vast collection of our Cartier eyeglasses and sunglasses. Our Cartier inventories are updated monthly to keep up with the new design releases.
Thanks to our onsite lab, you can now customize your new Cartier eye wear to fit your taste.  Some customize options may be:   lens shapes, transitions lenses, smoky coatings, tints, high index thin lenses, prescription or non-prescription lenses and engravings. We can also customize your existing Cartier glasses to your specifications. If need be, we can repair your Cartier frames and lenses to ensure your lasting enjoyment of your Cartier eyewear.
cartier_santos_dumont We accept  most optical and  medical insurances for your convenience. We also offer 3 to 6 month Care Credit financing for easy affordability*. Come on in and experience the ultimate luxury eyewear.

Custom Cartier Lens Orders Welcome

We are Cartier eye wear specialists. You can make any Cartier custom orders here at EyePlace.

Some of the more common changes are:

  • shape
  • tint
  • transitions
  • transition with tint
  • transitions vantage
  • flash mirror coatings
  • polarized lenses
  • engraving your name
  • facets and much more!

If you want special and unique lenses, just bring your ideas and we will make them to fit your imagination. Get your dream Cartier glasses here at EyePlace.