What are the Options for Keratoconus

The options for keratoconus is based on stage of its condition. Most keratoconus cases are progressive in nature. In my opinion, UV cross linking should be considered to improve structural rigidity of weak cornea in nearly all cases. The main goal of keratocouns management is to avoid or delay transplant surgery while achieving reasonably comfortable functional vision. We recommend our patients to take following steps.

Step1: Get comprehensive general eye exam to confirm stage of condition including initial topography of cornea and current optical correction. General vision insurance eye exam coverage may be applied.

Step 2: Get a consultation from corneal specialist to discuss UV cross linking and other treatment options. Medical insurance coverage may be applied to cover consultation and treatments.

Step 3 : Get contact lens consultation from contact lenses specialist. Here is our grading of contact lenses / Optical options ;

Most VISION insurance companies allow medically necessary contact lens ( nearly all of keratoconic contact lens options are medically necessary in nature) coverage with /without copays. We provide comprehensive and keratoconus contact lens consultations with full range of contact lenses. Please call or text 248-332-0200 for more information.