How eyes are changed when myopia progresses

When eyes are worse in myopia, the length of eye ball grows longer as of squash on vine. Physically growing longer makes impossible to reverse changes in my opinion.

Myopia is commonly measured in terms of prescription strength in diopters for optical corrections. Recently, axial length of eyeball measurement (biometry) is used to verify objectively changes in elongation of eyeballs.

Most common question about myopia is if it can be fixed with laser surgery such as LASIK. Any refractive surgery -like LASIK – can only replace optical corrections such as eyeglasses and contact lenses. Elongated eyeball will stay elongated because any optical corrections which includes all refractive surgeries and implants will not reduce elongation.

Second common question is any exercise can be done to reverse myopia /elongation. I am not aware of any studies indicating efficacy of any exercise to reverse elongation.

Because of irreversible nature of changes, we recommend our patients to recheck in 3 months to catch early rather than late to intervene axial length changes.