Child Eye Exam

Children’s eyes are much different than those of adults. They can worsen tremendously in such a short amount of time or can have ocular motor and/or visual sensory problems that may interfere with learning. Staring at the “ eye chart” and asking the question, “Is one or two better?” will not be adequate for children. To complete a thorough and proper eye examination for a child, extra equipment, training, and time are required. We are equiped with repeatable hi-tech testing instruments to provide children’s vision analysis  more thoroughly and in a scientific way.
On a parent’s/guardian’s request, we can perform an extra series of tests to complete a child’s visual and eye exams in order to assure their visual system is ready for the athletic and academic challenges ahead of him/her. These tests can rule out the visual causes of A.D.D. and any vision related reading issues. We can also measure your child’s reading speed and efficiency by using a Computer Visagraph Reading Test System. We recommend the ways to impprove your child’s reading & comprehension skills based on our analysis from the visagraph test. This can be a great test for 3rd, 6th and 12th graders who need to be ready for advanced academic reading.

If it is needed, we also offer comprehensive high tech vision therapy programs to treat a child’s visual system. We use a very effective computerized vision therapy system with proven methodes to achieve therapy goals ina shorter time frame. For young myopic patients who are concerned about progressive deterioration of vision, we offer complete myopia control programs. Please call us for more information and appointments.