Myopia Control Sucess Stories

  • My Prescription has Remained …for Seven Years..

Over the past seven years, I have worn CRT lens. I have been extremely satisfied with the lens and the results they have shown. My prescription has remained at roughly the same level for the seven years that I have used CRT. This has been a very comforting thought , especially since my eyes had worsened every year prior to starting CRT.

Maggie C.

  • My eye sight never got even improved…

CRT helped make my life easier by allowing me to see clearly. My eyesight never got worse in the duration (since 2005) that I have been using CRT, it even improved a little. I would recommend CRT to others , it is helpful and makes things like playing sports and reading the board in school easier.

Grace W.

  • My Prescription has Maintained the Same for Five Years…

I like how convenient it is not having to wear contacts during the daytime.  My vision is clear once I wake up in the morning, and the contacts (CRT)  are pretty much pain free. My prescription has maintained the same for five years( She started Corneal Refractive Therapy as myopia control since 2007) . CRT  is much better than glasses ! :)

Jessica L. CRT user since 2007.

  • ..Lenses Prevent Eyes from Getting Worse….

At age 7, I was as blind as a bat.  I could never see the classroom white board.  It was terrible.  The family gene was passed down to me.  Glasses did aid in seeing the board, but it was a constant annoyance.  I felt as if I relied on my glasses to see.

For four years, it was the exact same way; my eyesight becomes worse and I need stronger glasses.  One of my parents’ friends recommended contact lenses, CRT to be exact, and directed us to Dr. Youn.,  CRT lenses are used at night, correcting an individual’s vision while sleeping.  Honestly, I was frightened by the fact that I will start wearing lenses.  I never did before.  I had no experience in this field.

The first day was utter hxxx, but it did reap its benefits.  I instantly noticed my change in vision and  thought it is a sacrifice for a comfortable sleep.  A week later, I thought my eye sight couldn’t get any better.  I thought I could see anything no matter how far.  In fact, I became used to the uncomfortable lenses.  I started to prefer using them to sleep, oddly enough.

I love how an individual becomes free from glasses, but still is able to see almost perfectly.  Also, these lenses prevent eyes from getting worse.  There is only one problem I notice with CRT lenses:  its price of $150 for one lens.  It seems a bit too much, but good care of the lenses makes this price reasonable.  Afterall, it isn’t a one-time deal.

If the topic comes up, I would most definitely recommend these lenses to a friends.  However, CRT lenses are so unknown to the population, that people wouldn’t believe such technology exists.

David  H.

  • CRT saved my eye from getting worse.

I was 10-years-old when I went to Dr. Youn’s office for an over-night contact lens treatment. My parents wanted me to do something called CRT. I was scared and had no idea what was going on. My parents helped me to put CRT lenses on for a few month until I got used to them. I have been using CRT lenses for almost 8 years now and I am extremely happy with my results. My eyes are the same as they were when I was 10 years old and currently, I have the best vision in my family. My older brother and sister have much worse vision than I do! I wish they had the CRT treatment like I did when they were younger. Thanks Dr. Youn for keeping my vision great!

John C