Is it possible to prevent progession of Myopia?

The age of a person needing glasses seems to be getting younger than ever. It is common to see a 6 to 7 year old child wearing eye glasses these days. An alarming rate of school aged children are wearing glasses and the rate is continuing to climb. The explosion of  the myopic rate in school aged children corresponds well with our cultural changes ..(ie use of cell phones, i-pods, laptops and hand held gaming devices.)

There have been some preventitive measures taken, but most have proven to not be very effective against myopic change until the year 2000.  This was the introduction of a new corneal molding technique that really revolutionized to stop or slow down myopia from progressing. This is done by the use of a rigid gas permeable contact lens that is warn while the patient sleeps.  The lens are made from an overnight contact lens material designed specifically for this purposes.

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