How CRT-Night Contact Lenses Work

crtlogoCRT lenses are worn at night while sleeping and are removed first thing in the morning. The molding effect of the cornea takes place rapidly while you sleep.  The patient is then closely monitored by Dr. Youn as he uses special non-invasive corneal mapping techniques during the first few days, at which the majority of the eye correction will take place.  Typically, it takes about 3 to 7 days for a CRT patient to achieve a stable daytime correction, however it may take longer for higher prescription corrections.

Because of its non-invasive nature and reversibility, this treatment is suitable for young and school age children.  People older than 40 years of age are also very good candidates because their correction can be adjusted as often as necessary to reduce the use of reading glasses. Also patients who normally undergo frequent prescription changes are excellent candidates for CRT because of its flexibility. Additionally, due to the fact that CRT lenses are worn only at night, patients with sensitive eyes, mild dryness or contact lens sensitivity also make great candidates.