Customizing Your Cartier Eye Wear

Most Cartier eye wears are customizable to meet owners desire. There are three types of Cartier eye wears are available:

  1. Rimed eye wear : – these eye wears hold lenses by wrapping edges of lenses by metal wire or composite materials. These eyewear shape can not be changed
  2. Semi- Rimless :- as the name indicates, frame material covers edge of lenses only half way or so. These eyewear may allow some shape changes.
  3. Rimless or frameless eyewear: almost fully customizable in these category of frames.

Tint, coatings, transitions, polarization, and thin lens materials etc.. are available to all types of eyewear. We can also repair or replace parts of your Cartier eyewear to enhance your wearing experiences. Text your frame picture to 248-332-0200 for better information.