High Definition Retinal OCT Scan

oct-scan-retinaThe eyes are the windows to the brain. By understanding layers and cells of eyes, we can understand more of our ultimate mystery, the  brain. Seeing the layers of live retina was not possible until OCT technology. HD-OCT shows even more details of eyes down to the individual layers. Some layers in the retina changes way before the vision changes. Macular degeneration, glaucoma  and diabetic eye disease are some of many eye diseases that can benefit from this early detection technology. oct-cirrus-5000The eyes close association with brain also reveals changes in some systemic diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Youn  strongly believes the HD- OCT technology and decide to offer this futuristic diagnostic test to anyone who is interested. We use Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT ( Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomographer). If you have family history of central retinal disease or using plaquenil ( hydroxychlroloquine), or interested to analyze retinal ganglion cells in conjunction with  MS or Alzheimer’s, ask us at the time of your appointment.

황반성 망막염 검진

망막은 사진기의 필름 과 같은 역활을 합니다. 황반성 망막염은 망막의 노화 현상이 노란반점을 형성 하면서 나타나는 증세입니다. 황반성 망막염은 건조형과 습형이 있읍니다. 건형은 어느정도 증세가 악화되다가 멈추는 경향이 있읍니다. 하지만 습형은 완전 실명을 초래 할수 있읍니다.조기 발견된 습형은 주사나 레이저로 치료하여 진행을 막을 수있읍니다. 비타민이나 광물질 섭취를 권장하며 정기 검진이 가장 중요한 예방책입니다