How effective is Vision Therapy?

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What is vision therapy?

The primary  focus of vision therapy or eye exercise is to improve flexibility of eye muscles and focuses. Common Vision therapy can consist of:
1)in and out eye exercises- convergence & divergence
2)smooth & fast tracking movements
3)focusing in & out movements.
4)Eye hand coordination

Effectiveness of vision therapy will vary based on underlying conditions.

Here is list of eye problems that can benefit from vision therapy and effectiveness.
Sure Thing
1)Convergence Insufficiency ( not enough turning in)
2)Exophoria (intermittently turned out eyes)
3)Accommodative disorder (young patients)
Fair Outcome
1)Exotropia (wondering eyes)
2)Vertical phorias ( miss aligned vertically-intermittently)
Hard to Improve
1)Esotropia ( permanently crossed eyes)
2)Nystagmus ( oscillating eyes)


Well planed vision therapy with repetition and hard work will bring excellent outcomes. Generally, older the problem harder and longer  it takes to fix. Proper vision therapy can improve reading skills and quality of life all together.  As saying goes ” No Pain, No Gain!”  and this applies here too.

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좋은 시력을 가지고도 눈 문제로 학습에 지장을 초래할수가 있읍니다. 비전 테라피는 눈이 시력 이상으로 필요한것들을 강화 시켜주는 눈 운동입니다. 눈을 자주 비비거나, 읽는 속도가 느리거나, 읽기 이해력이 뒤지거나, 읽는것을 싫어하거나, 주위가 산만한 학생, 공부하면 머리가 아픈 학생, 눈이 피곤하면 돌아가는 사람, 가까운게 흐리게 보이는 학생, 읽을때 손가락으로 줄을 따라가는 학생, 읽은 문장을 자주 반복 하는 사람, 읽은곳을 자주 잊어버리는 사람들 은 눈 검안시 시력과 양안 근육상태및 양안 움직임들을 검사 하는게 바람직 하다.