EyePlace Recommended Solutions for RGP, Ortho-K(CRT), Scleral Contact Lenses

Our top recommendation for CRT / Ortho-K Lenses : We recommend everyone to start with Unique Ph alone. If you like to have more cleaning power, you can combine Alcon Clear Care system with Unique Ph. If Unique Ph brand solution is not available, Boston Simplus can be used instead. Periodic use of Menicon Progent cleaner can remove stubborn protein buildups.

Our recommendation for Scleral Lenses : Alcon Clear Care to clean and store lenses then fill the lenses with Menicon Lacripure before inserting to eyes. Use of common soft contact lens “saline” solution to fill the lenses can cause lens irritation and lens intolerances issues. Blink Clear brand rewetting drops can be used to clear the blurry films while wearing lenses. Menicon progent cleaner can be added to maintain clarity of lenses.

Unisol 4 replacement
Preservative free contact lens solution

For Hybrid lenses ( Synergeyes brand lenses) we recommend Alcon clear care to clean.

Comfortable Keratoconus Contact Lenses -Is it Possible?

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Can I Get Fitted for Comfortable Keratoconus Contact Lenses??

Keratoconus requires some form of hard(rigid) contact lenses to improve vision beyond what a pair of eyeglasses can provide.  The most frequent  complaints of keratoconus patients are ”  lenses are uncomfortable and hard to wear long enough hours to cover a typical day”.  All the keratoconic contact lenses – custom soft, RGP ( Rose K etc.), hybrid , scleral- have inherent comfort level characteristics but all can be reasonably comfortable if it is matched correctly.

What kind of Contact Lens Options are available?

Except eyeglasses and general soft contact lenses, there are more than few options are available for keratoconus. Custom made keratoconus soft lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable(RGP, ie Rose-K..)  lenses, Hybrid ( Synergeyes.. etc.) lenses, custom soft contact lenses ( Kerasoft..etc)  and Scleral ( Normal Eyes..  etc) are major groups of lenses that are commonly used for keratoconus fitting.

What are the differences of the lenses?

Here are my takes on the lenses;
1) Soft Lenses for Keratoconus :- very comfortable, fairly clear vision, great for early to moderate cases.
2) RGP lenses for Keratoconus( Rose K etc..): Very clear vision, not too comfortable, easy to use, great for most cases.
3) Hybrid lenses( Synergeye..etc) : Good clear Vision, Comfortable, somewhat difficult to use.
4) Scleral lenses( Normal Eyes, Rose K XL..etc): Good clear vision, great for advanced cases, relatively comfortable, somewhat difficult to use.

Which lens is the best for me?

There are no one lens that is the best for the every cases. The type of lenses should be  determined by condition of cornea and desired comfort level and easy of use. You should have a discussion with a contact lens specialist about your condition and pros and cons of your options. In our practice, we have many happy patients with different lens types. Some lenses may require more work than others to achieve desired comfort level and vision.




Paragon 공막 렌즈 처방

이번에 Paragon Science 에서 새로 나온 공막용 Normal Eyes렌즈를저희검안원에서는처방합니다. 공막(Sclera)렌즈는 안구의 하얀 부분을 이용하는 렌즈이기때문에 각막에 이상이 있거나 하드렌즈가 건조 하여 더이상 낄수 없으신 분에게 권장 할만한 렌즈입니다. 공막렌즈는 착용감이 편하며 시력의 선명도가 매우 높은 렌즈 입니다. 라식수술이 잘못되었거나 RK( 방사형 각막 수술)에 불편이 있으신분에게 꼭 추천해드리는 렌즈 입니다.

시력 교정 수술 후유증 콘텍 처방

시력 교정 수술 결과가 좋지않거나 수술이 잘못되었읍니까? 이런 경우엔 각막 굴절을 교정해줄수 있는 렌즈가 필요 합니다. 하이브리드 렌즈나 하드렌즈가 평범한 소프트 렌즈로 는 교정 불가능한 케으스에 사용 됩니다. 닥터 윤 께서는 각종 하드 렌즈, 공막렌즈 하이브리드 렌즈르 사용 하여 이런 케이스를 처방 합니다. 그간 힘들엇던 밤운전 마저도 특별렌즈 처방으로 가능 해질수 있읍니다. 상담은 248-332-0200로 하십시요