Visual hygiene to fight against myopia

Visual Hygiene is big word for what we know about what to do when working close distances. If hyperopic defocus (another big for blurry image when seeing things at closer distance) is main driver of myopic progression, ways to minimize formation of hyperopic defocus is main focus of visual hygiene,

  1. Further the distance better for the eyes. Larger screen, larger fonts can help to increase working distance.
  2. Bright light Vs dim light condition, In the dark, we tend to hold things closer to the eyes to see them. Have good level of lighting and may not want to read in the dark too long.
  3. Spending too many hours without break may result poor visual hygiene. We recommend taking 20 second break every 20 minutes of work by looking away from screen or books. Seeing things at the far distance can make your focusing muscles to relax and stretch.

In Short, turn on the light , don’t get too close and take frequent break.