Back To the Future…Eyes & Vision

Do you want to know what is going on with your eyes way before it affects your vision? Do you have family history of glaucoma, macular degeneration or central retinal disease and wants to know before  it affects your vision? Ask us about HD- OCT scan & analysis by Dr. Youn. Our promotional HD-OCT scan and consultation fee starts from 100.00 dollars.

100 Dollars off on Night Time Contact Lenses (CRT)

Are you planing on multiple people in your family to get CRT ( night contact lens treatment) treatment for myopia? Here is a good reason to get the treatment from us. After first person, multiple people in a family will receive 100 dollars off on their New CRT ( night time contact lens therapy) treatment therapy. Call us 248-332-0200 for more information and appointments today.

안경 보험이 없읍니까? 걱정 마세요.

저희 검안원에서는 안경 보험이 없으신 분들을 위하여 안경테는 최고 50% 까지 그리고 렌즈는 30% 까지 활인 판매합니다. 명품 안경테 와 명품 안경 렌즈를  원하 셨지만 보험이 없어서 걱정 하신 분들은 꼭 저희  검안원을 찾아 주십시요.