EyePlace Recommended Solutions for RGP, Ortho-K(CRT), Scleral Contact Lenses

Our top recommendation for CRT / Ortho-K Lenses : We recommend everyone to start with Unique Ph alone. If you like to have more cleaning power, you can combine Alcon Clear Care system with Unique Ph. If Unique Ph brand solution is not available, Boston Simplus can be used instead. Periodic use of Menicon Progent cleaner can remove stubborn protein buildups.

Our recommendation for Scleral Lenses : Alcon Clear Care to clean and store lenses then fill the lenses with Menicon Lacripure before inserting to eyes. Use of common soft contact lens “saline” solution to fill the lenses can cause lens irritation and lens intolerances issues. Blink Clear brand rewetting drops can be used to clear the blurry films while wearing lenses. Menicon progent cleaner can be added to maintain clarity of lenses.

Unisol 4 replacement
Preservative free contact lens solution

For Hybrid lenses ( Synergeyes brand lenses) we recommend Alcon clear care to clean.

Fighting against Myopia

Since we provide myopia control / prevention services in 2004, we saw gradual increase of effective tools for the fight. Myopia progression measuring tools became more accurate and objective , such as biometry ( measurement of eye ball length.. LensStar, IOL Master ), topography (measurement of eye shape.. OPD Scan, Pentacam..). More management tools are in our disposal such as Ortho-K lenses ( CRT, Moonlens, Dream lens and GOV, softOK) , Soft multifocal lenses ( Mysight, Multifocal Lenses) and atropine eye drops. These tools can be optimized for each patient’s needs and conditions. But still none of above method has 100% efficacy. However, combining multiple strategies can produce much better results. If you are interested learning more about, make an appointment with Dr. Youn to find out what might be the best strategy for your case.

100 Dollars off on Night Time Contact Lenses (CRT)

Are you planing on multiple people in your family to get CRT ( night contact lens treatment) treatment for myopia? Here is a good reason to get the treatment from us. After first person, multiple people in a family will receive 100 dollars off on their New CRT ( night time contact lens therapy) treatment therapy. Call us 248-332-0200 for more information and appointments today.

GOV 드림 렌즈 처방 가능

드림렌즈는 보통 안경도수 -6.50 까지 가능 하지만 GOV 렌즈 사용시 그 이상 돗수도 처방이 가능 해진다. 그간 돗수가 높아서 드림렌즈 처방을 받을수 없었던 분들에게 권장하고 싶은 렌즈이다

드림렌즈 작용 원리

드림렌즈는 밤에 자기전에 눈에 끼고 아침에 일어나자 마자 빼는 밤에만 사용하는 렌즈입니다. 밤에 드림렌즈를 끼고 자는 동안에 렌즈가 각막의 굴절을 바꿔어 눈의 초점거리를 맞추어 안경이나 낮에 끼는 콘텍렌즈 없이도 시력을 유지해주는 처방입니다. 드림렌즈에 의한 각막 굴절 변화는 대부분 각막 표피층에서 일어나기 때문에 렌즈를 수일간 끼지않으면 눈이 원상태로 회복되는 장점있어 자라나는 학생이나 시력 변화가 멈추지 않은 사람에게 적격입니다. 대부분의 경우 약 일주일 이면 어느정도 안정된 시력 교정이 가능 하지만 돗수가 높은경우에는 조금더 시일이 걸릴수도 있읍니다.

처음 시작후 몇주간은 잦은 방문이 필요하며 일단 상태가 안정되면 3 달에 1번 씩 방문하면 됩니다.