Reading Problem Can be Eye Problem!

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20/20 Vision….No Eye Problem…Right??

My kid has no eye problem. He has 20/20 vision but he does not like to read just like his dad. Are you sure he has NO EYE problem? 20/20 only means that an eye can focus small letter at 20 feet away. A kid with even moderate farsightedness can get 20/20 easily depends on age. But surely he will have some reading issues if he has farsightedness.

Anything Else Affects Reading??

Misalignments of the eyes can create reading problems even with perfect 20/20 vision. Reading needs good focus and good tracking skills. Focusing and tracking (following the sentences) should be automatic like walking so we can look around while strolling neighbors. If you have misalignment, it can be difficult to follow the sentences when you read. Your mind can be preoccupied with following the line as a result little attention is left for meaning of sentences. You went through paragraph but you are not sure of what the paragraph is saying. So you re-read.

I was tolled my kids need glasses but has healthy eyes…

Routine eye exam is focused on finding vision corrections and health of eyes. It may not provide enough information to rule out such as misalignment related issues. Misalignment related issues can be determined by binocular vision exam. A through binocular vision exam can pinpoint out source and extent of problems including misalignments. A detailed binocular vision exam can take more than an hour in some instances.

Can it be fixed??

Depends on type of binocular vision problems, we use different type of treatments. The fix can be as simple as a pair of glasses. Some cases might need vision therapy ( eye muscle exercise). Few cases even need a surgery to lessen the misalignment.

학습 증진

Do you know how fast your child can read? How many word per minute? Is he/she comprehend all or only part of material? Do you know many times he/ she re-read? Is he/ she faster or slower than same graders?

Silent reading skill is a key to academic success. Without excellent silent reading skills, it is very difficult to become a excellent student. Reading camps and tutoring may not be the ways to achieve excellent silent reading skills. A child can read fast but may not retain what he/she read due to lack of good visual memory. They might have very poor visual tracking skills to follow lines in reading material. Their eye movement might be too erratic to maintain smooth reading. reading_glassess

We offer Visagraph reading test to record their eye movements to diagnosis erratic eye movements and computerized test to measure their binocular functions. A child must have good binocular skills and visual memory lto build good academic skills. We offer verierty of vision therapy programs to enhance children’s visual skills.

Test your child to analyze their reading skills. We can help to prepare your child to excell in classes.

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