What is Myopia Prevention?

childmyopiaMyopia, nearsightedness, is the  most common eye problem among young children. The number of children having myopia is increasing rapidly in U.S. and world wide.  Most of myopia starts at school age then gradually progresses each year. Generally, the younger the age myopia starts, the worse the eyes get when they reach adulthood. Myopia increases the risk of retinal problems, such as detachments, holes and breaks, and glaucoma,  as a person gets older.

The goal of myopia prevention is to reduce the speed or stop the progression  to avoid a high degree of myopia. There are a few clinically proven methods that have shown to  prevent or slow down the progression. Some methods are more effective than others and can be determined based on each individual patient’s needs.  It is the best to have your child examined before deciding on what to do on prevention. It is very helpful to know family history of myopia as well as old prescriptions to determine rate of change.

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