HD Vision For You

Today’s technologically advanced eyeglasses are not the same as those from a few years ago. Thanks to the advancement in the lens manufacturing processes and wavefront optics, new customized hi-definition lenses are largely improved from the conventional eyeglass lenses. Lenses from brands like Zeiss and Varilux can be customized to your exact prescription, eye movement, eye rotation center, eye dominance, angle of gaze and shape of frame to maximize your vision, resulting in a naturally wider and clearer field of vision than those of conventional lenses. These lenses need to have special measurements to complete the manufacturing processes and provably will not be available at chains and department optical stores.

We are one of the few Verilux Visioffice Certified eye care offices in Michigan. We carry a full line of the new Varilux S 4D lenses for discerning customers. Whether you wear single vision or multifocal lenses, you can experience the next level, high definition vision from the market leaders such as Zeiss and Varilux, at the EyePlace. Plus, when you order your Varilux S 4D lenses, we take your measurements using the Visioffice Machine, at no extra charge.

Call us today at (248) 332-0200, or stop in and ask about the new 4D Lens!