Same Day Eyeglasses

Do you need eye glasses in hurry?

You can still get your eyeglasses made up on same day in Metro Detroit.  If you need an eye exam, you can still get eye exam and glasses on same day! We can get you an appointment on 6 days a week only except Sundays.

Do you have complicated prescription?

For complicated prescriptions, we might send a driver to a Lab in Metro Detroit or request special delivery from them to fill your prescription in same day. Because of this, we will have more options to fill your prescriptions in early business hours.

Most insurance plans are great with same day eyeglasses and exams.

We can tell you more about your insurance plans. Pleas call us at 248-332-0200 to start your eyeglasses.

Most Glasses Can Be Made in Same Day

fashionWe have expanded our stock selection of lens types and coatings. We can now make most single vision eye glasses in the same day. Even if you have a high prescription, we can make them in thin and light, and high index lenses while you wait. Some frame-less drill mount eyeglasses can take more time,  but  can still be made within a day.

If you need glasses in hurry and still  want quality lenses with quality work:

Please call us at (248) 332-0200.

One Hour Glasses

Do you need glasses in a hurry? Ask us about our one hour eyeglasses. We have an on-site lab with most prescription lenses available in stock. We even offer Crizal Lenses for most prescriptions in stock. Most progressive eyeglasses can be made same day*. We have thin and light Crizal Lenses in stock for those who have a moderate to high prescription with astigmatisms.  Please ask us for more information.

Do you need Glasses in Hurry?

If you are busy and can not wait for your glasses to be made, we can help you to get them made in an about an hour. We can make most prescription eye glasses while you wait.

  • We stock most prescription eye glass lenses.
  • We stock most prescription eye glass lenses with the Anti-Reflective coating (AR) option.
  • We have an optical lab on site, offering our patient’s fast and friently service.

Please call us at (248) 332-0200 for more information on your prescription and eyeglass needs.