Reading Improvements

Do you know how fast your child can read? How many words per minute? Is he/she comprehending all or only part of the material? Do you know how many times he/ she has to  re-read? Is he/ she faster or slower than student’s in their grade?

Silent reading is a skill that is key to academic success. Without excellent silent reading skills, it is very difficult to become an excellent student. Reading camps and tutoring may not be the way to achieve excellent silent reading skills. A child can read fast but may not retain what he/she has read due to lack of good visual memory. They may have very poor visual tracking skills allowing them to  follow lines in their reading material. Their eye movement may be too erratic to maintain smooth reading. reading_glassess

We offer Visagraph reading test to record their eye movements to diagnosis erratic eye movements and computerized test to measure their binocular functions. A child must have good binocular skills and visual memory to build good academic skills.

We offer a variety of vision therapy programs to enhance children’s visual skills.

Test your child to analyze their reading skills. We can help to prepare your child to excel in their classes.