Customizing Your Cartier Eye Wear

Most Cartier eye wears are customizable to meet owners desire. There are three types of Cartier eye wears are available and how we can customize them for you.

Size and Shape Modification

  1. Rimed eye wear : – these eye wears hold lenses by wrapping edges of lenses by metal wire or composite materials. These are least customizable eye wears. But good adjustment can make eyewear to fit most head shapes and sizes.
  2. Semi- Rimless :- these eye wears hold lenses by utilizing monofilament “fish wires”. Height of lenses can be changed in both ways in some degree in these eye wears.
  3. Rimless eye wear:- These are most customizable eye wears. Size, shape and wrap of eye wear can be changed to fit any size and shape of heads. Most Cartier rimless eye wears can be transformed to meet your imagination.

Lens Options

  1. Focal types;- single vision, bifoclas and no line progressives lenses can be used in most Cartier eyewear.
  2. Coatings:- all available coatings are compatible with Cartier eyewear such as Anti Reflective coatings ( Crizal, Blue blocker etc) Mirror coatings so on
  3. Tint:- any color and shade of tint can be put on your new lenses.
  4. Material:- thin and light lenses high index lenses and transition lenses all compatible with Cartier eyewear.

We can also work with most used Cartier eyewear. Please bring your Cartier eye wear for more information.