EyePlace Covid-19 Office Policy

To comply with CDC and Michigan Governor’s Order, we made temporary changes to our office procedures and policies. We strongly recommend out patients / patrons to postpone office visits unless emergent and necessary.

1) All office visits must be scheduled in advance or pre-arranged. No Walk-In visits are allowed. No family members, siblings or friends except ONE parent / legal guardian is allowed to enter the office.

2)To minimize physical contacts, we recommend all patients to fill out Online Exam Forms in advance.

3) Any patients/patrons who have fever, cough or flu-like symptoms or who have been exposed a person diagnosed Covid-19 within the last 14 days must reschedule and prohibit from entering the office.

4) Anyone who enters EyePlace must wear Face Mask or Face Coverings. and ready for temperature checked before entering.

5) All Patients /Patrons must TEXT or Call 248-332-0200 Before Entering the office.

6) We request all our patients / patrons to observe 6 feet social distance in our office.

7) We recommend each patients/ patrons to refrain from touching office furniture, equipment and optical items. Please Act as if there are viruses on any surface you are about to touch.

We are working hard to comply Michigan DHHS and CDC guide lines to safe guard our office. Here are the steps we take each day until DHHs and CDC guide changes.

1) Disinfect whole office using Ozone generator at the end of each day.

2) Clean all contact areas using bleach or rubbing alcohol after each patients.

3) We wear face masks when 2 or more occupants including workers in the building . We use gloves when physical contact is necessary.

4) Door handles are cleaned every hour or after each patients.

5) Exhaust fan is used in exam rooms and central heating & cooling system is Turned OFF

6) UVC disinfection is performed in exam room and rest room on end of day

7) Workers are required to wash their hands or use sanitizers before servicing each patients.

COVID-19 Office Operation

We are suspending all routine eye exams and checkups.

We open for only for emergency cases as under lined in Michigan governors orders.

1) Medical eye health cases or emergent services which needs prompt care

2) Service to replace Broken or Lost Prescriptions

All other routine eye care operation will be postponed as Governors orders.

We are NOT equipped to serve confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients.

Email hillseyeplace@gmail.com to find out more. E mail will be checked several times a day.